MCCC Joins NSPL Network

24-Hour Helpline: 1-800-422-1060

September 23, 2019


For Immediate Release
September 23, 2019

Mountain Comprehensive Care Center’s 24-Hour Helpline
Joins National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Network
Mountain’s 24-Hour Helpline: 1-800-422-1060

Suicide is the 10th overall leading cause of death in the US, and 2nd among individuals between the ages of 10 and 34. September is National Suicide Prevention Month, an annual awareness campaign supported by behavioral health advocates, prevention organizations, survivors, allies, and community members.

Mountain Comprehensive Care Center (MCCC) is honored to announce its collaboration with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSPL), a national network of over 150 local crisis centers that allow the Lifeline to provide local resources with innovative best practices and quality care across the United States. Calls to NSPL’s 1-800-273-TALK (8555) are routed to the nearest crisis center. This partnership enables MCCC to address regional calls made to NSPL, providing local support, enhanced access to vital resources, and timely service for those in need.

Mountain’s 24-Hour Helpline (1-800-422-1060) is a toll-free TTY accessible phone line that is staffed 24/7 by behavioral health professionals. Housed at MCCC’s Riverside Adult Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU), the 24-Hour Helpline will address approximately 15,000 calls this year to assist in crisis intervention. Interventions include adult and children’s crisis stabilization, supportive counseling via telephone, an after-hours clinic (no appointment necessary) at its Riverside Adult CSU, an emergency on-call system, and more. To learn about MCCC’s Crisis Services and interventions provided by the 24-Hour Helpline, please visit 


#BeThe1To is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s message for National Suicide Prevention Month and beyond, which helps spread the word about actions we can all take to prevent suicide. The Lifeline network and its partners are working to change the conversation from suicide to suicide prevention, to actions that can promote healing, help and give hope.

For more information, please call 606-886-8572

 MCCC Joins NSPL Network