The Changes Center is used for MCCC community programs, including the Johnson County Community of Hope (JCCOH), and the Responsible Fatherhood Opportunities for Reentry and Mobility (ReFORM) program.

The Johnson County Community of Hope (JCCOH) was developed by the community in an effort to decrease out-of-home care for children, due to substance use. The program provides various daily living skills including meal preparation, with our new kitchen facilities.

The Fatherhood—Family-focused, Interconnected, Resilient, and Essential (Fatherhood FIRE) program is located on the second floor of the Changes Center. ReFORM operates under a grant and provides services to fathers, potential fathers, father figures, uncles, and grandfathers. This program helps participants build the skills needed to be the strongest parent they can be and serves men who are father figures, those who are incarcerated and those who are not.

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Christy Hicks

Addictions Services Director