National Foster Care Month

Mountain Comprehensive Care Center

May 3, 2018

Location:   KY 

May is National Foster Care Month

Love is powerful. It motivates our endeavors and gives more purpose to the things we care about. For the more than 9,000 children in Kentucky currently placed in out-of-home care, love makes all the difference. Each year, however, many children throughout the Commonwealth are burdened by an insufficient supply of families or individuals who are willing to become foster parents. Children that have experienced trauma require a special level of care, and benefit from therapeutic foster care services.

"Our goal is to match each child with a home and family that is not only stable, but also the best possible fit," noted Chelsea Goble, Recruitment Specialist for Mountain Comprehensive Care Center's Therapeutic Foster Care Program. "Families and individuals that open their heart and their home - those folks willing to provide a caring and stable environment for these children - deserve to be recognized. Therapeutic foster care provides services to address the needs of trauma-impacted youth. It is important that we find every opportunity to make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of these children – to do everything we can to help them have a successful life."

What does becoming a therapeutic foster parent mean?

L - Love, understanding and guidance for a child who may have physical, social and emotional needs

O - Opening your home and family to a child who has been abandoned, neglected or abused

V - Valuing relationships that help children and families become healthy and independent

E - Embracing a child by providing a secure home and family

MCCC’s Therapeutic Foster Care Offices

Prestonsburg: (606) 263-4938

Hazard: (606) 487-0166

Morehead: (606) 784-3333

What if I Suspect a Child is Being Abused or Neglected?

In Kentucky, it is the legal duty of everyone to report suspicions if they have reasonable cause to believe that a child is dependent, abused, or neglected (KRS 620.030). To report, one may call the Child Protection Hot Line, your county Department for Community Based Services, or – if the child is in imminent danger or is in need of immediate protection – call 911 or the local police department.

Child Protection Hot Line:


Or 1-800-752-6200

 National Foster Care Month - 2018