Southeast KY Reentry Program Announced

Reducing Recidivism in SEKY

October 21, 2020

Location:  Whitesburg KY 41858

Mountain Comprehensive Care Center Announces Southeast KY Reentry Program in Collaboration with Letcher County Jail

Project seeks to reduce recidivism rates in 5 Southeastern Kentucky counties

Mountain Comprehensive Care Center (MCCC) is honored to announce its collaboration with the Letcher County Jail (LCJ) to improve outcomes for incarcerated individuals within LCJ’s service region. MCCC’s “Southeast KY Reentry Program”a project aimed at reducing recidivism among medium/high risk adults with substance use disorder (SUD) or co-occurring SUD/mental disorders – will serve 210 incarcerated individuals prior to release at LCJ and post-release within Knott, Leslie, Letcher, Leslie, and Pike counties.

“We are pleased to receive this grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance to assist substance abuse impacted persons in Letcher County transition from jail into the community,” said Mountain Comprehensive Care Center President/CEO, Promod Bishnoi. “We thank Leader McConnell for his assistance and continued response to the impact of addiction on our community.”

Mountain Comprehensive Care Center conducted research in the region, concluding that the behavioral health care needs of Letcher County Jail had remained unmet for an extended period. In response to this discovery, MCCC located and accessed grant funding to address LCJ’s needs and to work collaboratively with LCJ to improve outcomes for its inmates.

District Judge Kevin Mullins adds, “This is a fantastic opportunity to provide behavioral health and substance use treatment at no cost to the county for inmates who are ineligible for release to out of custody providers.”

The Southeast KY Reentry Program seeks to lower recidivism (“reincarceration” within 12 months post-release) by approximately 15%, and to assist those medium/high risk inmates in achieving recovery, finding hope, and creating a better future for themselves.

“After opening our Whitesburg Outpatient Clinic, we began searching for grant funding to help incarcerated individuals at LCJ at the request of Jailer Bert Slone. The improving re-entry grant will allow MCCC to provide a full range of behavioral health services within LCJ. This is the first time a program this large has ever been offered to inmates at LCJ,” said Adam Maggard, MCCC Program Director Southern Kentucky.

For more information about this program, please call MCCC’s Outpatient Behavioral Health Center: (606) 536-5014, or email:

Pictured (L-R): Honorable Kevin R. Mullins, Adam Maggard (MCCC), Sheriff Mickey Stines, Honorable James W. Craft, II, Jailer Bert Slone, Chief Deputy Brian Slone

 Southeast KY Reentry Program Announced