MCCC received Kentucky state licensure in June 2009 to provide child foster care, therapeutic child foster care, and adoption services to children in our community. A primary focus for our program is therapeutic foster care. Foster children in need of specialized therapeutic services are often referred outside of their home communities to receive needed treatment. Numerous services within MCCC will be available to assist foster parents who care for children in our new foster care/adoption program. We offer a 24/7 on call service to respond to the needs of our children, foster parents, and community.

What is Foster Care?
        “Foster” means “to promote growth or development; to care for or cherish”. A “Foster Parent” is “a person who acts as parent and guardian for a child in place of the child's natural parents”. Foster parents help children by providing them with stability, affection, consistency, and nurturing. “Foster Care” is defined as “supervised care for children usually in a substitute home”. Foster care provides a safe, family environment for children who can’t be with their biological families.

Sometimes, biological families aren’t able or are unwilling to provide the care and support children need. Due to abuse, neglect, or other extenuating circumstances, many children are being placed in “out of home placements”. Sometimes there is little or no chance a child can return to their parents’ custody, so they need a new permanent home. Other times, children only need a temporary home until their parents’ situation changes. No matter what the case, the children need somewhere to stay until a permanent home is possible. The underlying philosophy of foster care is that children are better off, emotionally and psychologically, in a home environment, with someone filling the role of a parent.

Often children in foster care have complex emotional and behavioral problems. They need special foster parents who will provide a stable home environment while teaching the children ways to cope and to live a healthier life.

Greenhouse Sales

We have three Day Training sites offering year round sales of plants and wood work items.

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