Types of Foster Care:
  • In traditional care, a small number of children stay with a family or a single foster parent in their home for a matter of months or years. Traditional foster care may also provide a short-term basis of care, of a few days to a month, for children who will be reunited with their families quickly.

  • Emergency Foster Homes are available 24 hours a day to take children in until the social services system finds a longer term solution. Example, if a child’s parents were arrested, social services might put the child in an emergency foster home until they could locate relatives or find another place for the child.

  • Respite foster care families take children in for a couple of days at a time, to give families a periodic break. Relief care families work similarly, taking foster children for a short period of time to give their regular foster families a break.

  • Foster Care group homes function less like conventional families, and more like dormitories. Due to a shortage of foster families, many children end up in this sort of home. Also, children with special needs are often placed in group homes where they can get the professional assistance they need on a continuous daily basis.

  • Therapeutic foster care programs help children ranging from toddler through adolescence who would benefit by living with a family in the community. To guarantee that the child is placed in the best environment possible for his/her emotional growth, MCCC recruits and trains all foster parents. We provide crisis back-up services as well as assist the foster parent/ family in finding respite services. Therapeutic foster care families work with the child’s emotional disability, learning disability, or neurological impairment to give the child what he or she needs most—a nurturing, loving environment.

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