The SIGHT/ INSIGHTS Programs are collaborative educational and mental health efforts to provide a therapeutic environment for children whose educational, emotional, and social needs have not been met in a less restrictive setting.

        The SIGHT/INSIGHTS Programs represent the most intensive education/day treatment program currently available to students in the community. Alternative placements may be necessary for students who do not show benefit from their participation in the program.

        Scheduled parent and family involvement in the SIGHTS/INSIGHTS Programs is required by Medicaid regulations. Active parent participation in the program is expected.

        The mission of the SIGHTS/INSIGHTS Day Treatment Program is to nurture and support children identified as having serious emotional disturbance (SED) that is affecting their functioning at school. These children have also been identified as meeting special education criteria for emotionally and behaviorally disturbed (EBD).

       The SIGHTS/INSIGHTS team consists of four full-time staff persons including a Special Education Teacher and Teacherís Aide staffed by the participating school district and a Program Director/Therapist and a Program Aide provided by Mountain Comprehensive Care Center.

The goals of the Programs are as follows:
  • To develop responsible behavior in participating students that is age appropriate
  • To provide a quality education to participating students
  • To develop necessary life and social skills
Program Components
  • Special Education Classes
  • Behavioral Level System
  • Group Therapy
  • Life/Social Skills Development
  • Therapeutic Plan
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Therapy Services
  • Summer Day Camp
When a child reaches a level of functioning within the SIGHTS/INSIGHTS Program that is comparable to their grade/age level, they gradually begin transition to less restrictive classroom instruction. The goal is to reunite the student back to their home school in a less restrictive environment.

For more information about the SIGHTS/INSIGHTS Programs contact:

Jennifer Cavins
Program Coordinator
Mountain Comprehensive Care Center
104 South Front Avenue
Prestonsburg, KY 41653

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