Session 3

1:45 pm-3:15 pm

ARGAND ROOM - 3A: Bullying 101
Presenters: Daniel Greene, M.Ed., LPCA; Jessica Greene, M.Ed., LPCA; Ashley Debord, M.Ed., LPCA

Bullying - we know it happens, we've seen it in schools, we've heard about it on the news, we may have been bullied, or we may have even been the bully ourselves. This session focuses on informing people not only about the signs and symptoms of bullying, but what it takes to stand up to bullying and how we can reduce Severe Emotional Disturbances in teens and young adults.

Level: Beginner

ALKA-SIP ROOM - 3B: How DUI Fits in the DSM 5 World
Presenters: Tomeca Runyon, BS/Human Services, Certified DUI Program Administrator, CADC, Certified DUI Assessor, Certified Prime For Life Instructor, Clinical Service Supervisor, and Board Approved CADC Supervisor

Every year in May, America is reminded of the terrible DUI crash in 1988 that resulted in the loss of 27 lives, mostly children. This accident occurred in Carrolton, Kentucky, and is the deadliest DUI related incident in history. The tragic accident changed the landscape for drunk/drugged driving awareness, advocacy, prevention, and created tougher laws. KRS 189A.010 governs the DUI Assessment/Treatment process. The DUI Assessment is based upon evidence based knowledge and uses the DSM 5 criteria for placement. This training is presented to help professionals understand the assessment process and the levels of care as related to the DSM 5 criteria.

Level: Beginner, Intermediate

C - Ethics for Social Workers Part 2
Presenter: Robin Rena Gray, LCSW

Participants will learn the differences among ethics, values, morals, policies and laws. Case presentations will be provided and participants will be encouraged to identify the ethical dilemma and determine the best course of action. (Must have participated in Part 1)

Level: Intermediate

EAST ROOM - 3C: Work With Me Where I Am
Presenters: Phyllis Coleman, LCADC

This interactive workshop applies the stages of change to substance abuse treatment in an attempt to work with people with substance abuse disorders where they are. It will include and overview of the stages of change and how they can be used in substance abuse treatment. A panel of Peer Support Specialist will provide what the stages of change looked like for them and how treatment providers either helped or hindered their recovery by not working with them were they were at the time of their treatment or in early recovery.

Level: Beginner

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