Who Can Be a Foster Parent?
Foster Parents come from a variety of backgrounds. They can be:
  • Single, married, or divorced
  • Men or women
  • They can be as young as 21, or retired seniors
  • They can choose to stay at home with the children, or retain outside employment
  • A resident or American citizen
       Foster parent candidates must participate in background checks, provide references, have adequate space for the foster child, and provide an income that meets the needs of the family. Home ownership, employment, income, race, and age should not be considered a deterrent to those considering becoming a Therapeutic Foster Parent or Foster Parent.

MCCC Foster Care Supports Foster Parents with:

  • Training and 24-hour support/supervision by professional staff
  • A clinician provides individual/family counseling
  • A monthly tax-free stipend per child
  • Periodic clothing allowances
  • Respite care
Foster Care Application

Click for Instructions on How to Apply                Click for Application Form

Successful foster parents have the ability to love and care for a child; provide a safe and structured home environment. They are also, patient, flexible, and have a sense of humor.

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