Alice Cole
MCCC Regional Horticulturist

Alice Cole has been with MCCC since 1988. She currently serves as our Regional Horti- culturist. Alice has a degree in horticulture from EKU. She loves working outdoors as well as in the greenhouses. Alice enjoys watching the plants flourish and grow as well as working with and assisting the indiv- iduals in the Day Training program as they also flourish and grow. As Regional Horti- culturist, Alice handles the business side of the program including ordering and dispensing supplies for the Day Training programs, pricing, advertising and sales.

Alice's Greenhouse Tidbits

       One way to enhance the appearance and productivity of your garden is to make sure weeds are under control so as not to overtake it. They will compete with your plants for water, nutrients and sunlight. Hoeing and hand weeding will eliminate weeds when they are small and easily removed. Mulching works very well to prevent a lot of weeds from sprouting and it will also help to conserve moisture. Black plastic and landscape fabric are two other options as well. A few preventative measures early on will make a big difference in the results you get throughout the season.

       If you do not have a lot of yard or garden space, or just do not have the time or energy to devote to gardening, then the container garden is the way to go! You can arrange several pots in locations close to the house, patio or deck with the plants of your choice and with minimal upkeep enjoy blooms, veggies or herbs all summer.

       Remember, with any garden or containers, make sure you water your plants if there is not sufficient rain for several days and do not forget to fertilize twice a month for optimal plant health and vigor.

Good luck and happy gardening!

All of our Day Training sites offer: * outdoor furniture made at Shelby Valley Day Training * dog houses and bird houses made at Magoffin Day Training * and greenery and house plants that are available year round.

       Alice's Tidbits will be updated frequently to bring you the latest information on what plants and vegetables are available as well as news and information about our Day Training greenhouses. Be sure to check back often to see "what's growing at our greenhouses!"

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We have three Day Training sites offering year round sales of plants and wood work items.

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