What to Expect on your First Call:
        When you call our office for the first time, you will be asked to provide some information for scheduling your first appointment.

First, you will be asked your name, Social Security Number, and if you have ever been a patient at Mountain Comprehensive Care before.

Second, we will need to know the nature of your need for services so we may best ascertain with whom to schedule your intake appointment. You will also be asked if you have insurance and what type it is. We will make every attempt to schedule your appointment with a provider that is billable to your insurance if one is available.

Third, we will schedule your intake appointment in the first available slot. You will be asked to provide a current address and phone number where you may be reached. You will also be asked for directions to your home.

Please read below to determine the items you will need to bring with you on your intake appointment date. You will receive an appointment reminder via phone call from our automated system the day before your appointment. You will need to arrive 30 minutes prior to your intake appointment time so that your set up paperwork can be completed before seeing a clinician.

If you cannot keep an appointment, please give 24 hours notice of cancellation if possible.

What to Expect on your First Visit:
       When you come to our center for your first visit, you need to allow about an hour and a half to provide a medical history, to establish a financial record, and have an Assessment Evaluation.

The first step is filling out and signing a general consent and assessment for services. Please be sure you have the following items with you:

  1. Prior medical or mental health treatment records, if available, or an address where they can be obtained
  2. Medications you are taking (please bring the bottles)
  3. The letter of referral form from the doctor or attorney who sent you to us, if applicable
  4. If you are court-ordered, please bring a copy of the order
  5. Medical card or insurance card
  6. Proof of income
  7. Something with your social security number on it (card or driver's license)
  8. Proof of guardianship if client is a child and you are not the birth or adoptive parents
The Receptionist will fill out an application for services with you and ask you questions about how you are planning to pay for services. You will be given information about payment options and our sliding fee scale will be explained to you. Fees will be based on family income and the number of family members in the household.

You will be expected to pay on the day of service. If you have private insurance, the receptionist will call your company and you will know how many services you are eligible for under your insurance plan before you leave. We also accept Medicaid, Medicare, Vocational Rehabilitation, Workers Compensation, and SSI assignments based on currently established fee schedules.

The second step is the assessment, which is performed by a clinician. During this step, the clinician will talk with you about why you have come to Mountain Comprehensive Care and will discuss your current needs for services as well as any previous difficulties you have experienced.

Who is Eligible?
       All adults, adolescents, children, and their family members living in the five-county region Big Sandy region (Floyd, Johnson, Magoffin, Martin, and Pike counties) are eligible to obtain services through Mountain Comprehensive Care Center, regardless of income, medical insurance, or other socioeconomic factors.
(all under the age of 18 must have written parental consent.)

What are our Hours of Operation?
Mountain Comprehensive Care has 6 Clinics in the five counties of the Big Sandy Region:

  • Floyd County
  • 104 South Front Avenue, Prestonsburg (606-886-4350)
  • Johnson County
  • 1110 S. Mayo Trail, Paintsville (606-789-3518)
  • Magoffin County
  • 1410 Royalton Road, Salyersville (606-349-3115)
  • Martin County
  • Route 3 Rockcastle Road, Inez (606-298-7902)
  • Pike County
  • 118 River Road, Pikeville (606-432-3143)
    26229 US HWY 119 North, Belfry (606-353-1287)
All offices are open 8am - 5pm Monday thru Friday. a toll-free crisis Helpline operates 24 hours a day at 1-800-422-1060

What Forms of Payment Do We Accept
       We can accept cash, check, Visa credit/debit cards, and MasterCard credit/debit cards. Insurances including Medicaid, Medicare, and most commercial Insurances.

Greenhouse Sales

We have three Day Training sites offering year round sales of plants and wood work items.

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