EPO - Floyd & Pike : NEW!
        MCCC received a grant from the Office of Violence Against Women: Grants to Encourage Arrest Policies and Enforcement of Protection Orders (EPO) Program. We now have 2 Advocates in Floyd County, 2 in Pike County and 2 in Johnson County. The Advocates in Floyd County work in the Healing Program Office in Prestonsburg to assist victims of interpersonal violence to obtain protection orders and attend court with these victims. The Advocates in Pike County work in the Old Historic Courthouse on the 4th floor to assist victims with protection orders and attend court with the victim. The Advocates in Johnson County work in the Sheriff's Office to assist victims with protection orders and attend court with the victim. All Advocates also make referrals and offer different resources to victims that may benefit them.

Safe Haven/Exchange: NEW!
        The Safe Haven Supervised Visitation and Exchange Program provides a safe and nurturing environment for children to spend time with the non-custodial parent in a supervised setting when the court has ordered supervised visitation due to safety concerns. Safe Haven also monitors custody exchanges between parents. The goal of Safe Haven is to provide families the opportunity to strengthen relationships by offering a safe and nurturing environment for supervised visits and exchanges to take place.

Maternal Depression Program: NEW!
        The Maternal Depression Treatment Program is a comprehensive approach to identifying and treating depression observed in mother's participation in home visitation. The Maternal Depression Program was developed to address depression in the postpartum period by establishing a screening process to identify mothers in need of treatment and providing an evidence-based treatment for depression that has been adapted for home visitation. Our goal is to optimize outcomes and decrease depression which undermines effective and nurturing parenting and interferes with normal child development. This service is available in all five counties of our service area.

Childhood Traumatic Stress -Hope Initiative Grant : NEW!
        The Hope Initiative is a federally funded SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) grant program that is part of the NTCSN (National Traumatic Child Stress Network). This program serves the Big Sandy Region including Floyd, Johnson, Magoffin, Martin, and Pike Counties. The grant focuses on children who have experienced trauma. Trauma may be defined as sexual abuse of a child, physical abuse of a child, death of a family member, military deployment of a parent, removal from biological parents and placed in foster care or other family placement, being involved in or witnessing an accident, witnessing domestic violence, bullying at school or any other factors that can cause disruption in the child's life. All the therapists have been trained in TF-CBT (Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and Dialectal Behavioral Therapy for Special Populations. These evidence- based therapeutic interventions have demonstrated significant reduction of negative behaviors. The program offers financial assistance to help families with transportation to their appointments.

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